M3V engineers and consultants partner with our clients to effectively respond to their environmental information management needs. Our staff of professionals includes Ph.D.'s, P.E.'s, senior programmers, and IT managers, along with an extended network of associates. Our training as scientists and engineers within the environmental management industry affords us the ability to develop effective solutions.

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With so many years' experience in storm water permitting, sampling, reporting and Storm Water Pollution Prevention plans, we are confident in our ability to provide expert and effective services.

Storm Water Sampling, Analysis and Reporting

M3V environmental consulting experts will:

Storm water sampling services from M3V Environmental Consulting
  • Monitor the upcoming storm water event for your area
  • Collect your storm water samples at the dedicated outfalls
  • Send the samples to be a analyzed at an Analytical Laboratory
  • Receive the samples from the lab and discuss with you the results
  • Submit the sampling report to the State agency

What is an NOI?

An NOI is the acronym for NOTICE OF INTENT. An NOI is equivalent to a Storm Water Permit Application.

M3V, LLC consultants are experts in storm water permitting. We know how to work with the state agency and your facility to submit your NOI – so you can receive a Storm Water Permit as quickly as possible.

Our storm water services include:

  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan preparation
  • Regulatory negotiation
  • Sample collection
  • Process data monitoring and collection
  • Lab analysis coordination, and
  • Data analysis and interpretation

As an additional service, M3V can provide you with storm water sampling kits if you want to submit samples to labs in our network.

First time customers get FREE Storm Water Sampling Kit

When you submit the sample to the lab in our network.